All Kine Pouch


Aloha Collection x Guava Shop All Kine Pouch

We thought we were all high maka when we first designed this pouch, with visions of big nights out in (Haleiwa) Town, but then we realized this black and white beauty is more versatile than a pair of trusty slippers—good for make-up, bikini tops, snacks, sunscreen, whatevs. So we named it ALL KINE, because who are we to say how you pouch it up.

From beaches to baby stuffs to bar drinks and back again, the Aloha Collection x Guava Shop splash-proof bags are our go-to bags for to-go.

True to its name the All Kine Pouch is double sided - loose stripes one one side and dotted animal print on the other.

Measures 11.5" across x 2" wide x 8.5" tall